Enlaces para todos lados

A continuación, les dejo unos cuantos enlaces que fui acumulando esta semana. Iba a escribir sobre estos temas pero, como siempre pasa, no hubo tiempo. A ver si los aprovecha alguien más…

Social Networking Sites Continue to Attract Record Numbers as Myspace.Com Surpasses 50 Million U.S. Visitors in May, comscore.com

A How-to Social Media Wiki for Marketers, adage.com

In-Game Ads Elusive for Trackers, businessweek.com

US Gov 2.0: Google US Government Search Goes Live, seomoz.org

Social networks poised to shape Net’s future, news.com.com

The Diffusion of the Internet and the Geography of the Digital Divide in the United States
, papers.ssrn.com

The Economics of the Internet: Infrastructure and Regulation
, papers.ssrn.com

The Evolving Accidental Information Super-Highway, papers.ssrn.com

Digital Opportunities and the Missing Link for Developing Countries, papers.ssrn.com

Teen sues MySpace alleging sexual assault, cnn.com

How We Use the Web Today, businessweek.com

The generative internet, harvardlawreview.org

Skype’s Post-Hype Future, businessweek.com

The un-Google, economist.com

Kathy Bowrey, Law & Internet Cultures, webjcli.ncl.ac.uk

Edición de vídeo online + moblog, despuesdegoogle.com

Newspapers hope for growth online, myrtlebeachonline.com

Blogs Marketing, Tips For Marketing And Optimizing a Blog, isedb.com

Tale of a Lost Cellphone, and Untold Static, nytimes.com

Social-Networking Explosion Continues, internetweek.cmp.com

‘Google Speak’ on CEO’s vision of in-car, GPS-based personalized radio ads, blogs.zdnet.com/micro-markets