Conversaciones Desnudas: otro libro sobre blogs

Se trata de Naked Conversations: How Blogs Are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers, un libro de Robert Scoble y Shel Israel, prologado por Tom Peters:

– Blogging is not just another tactical communications distribution channel, but a new strategic medium that benefits both companies and customers
– Why businesses of all sizes and in all places should blog
– Why such traditional taboos such as praising competition or publicly discussing product prior to launch make sound business sense in today’s new Conversational Era
– How a poor understanding of blogs is costing one small specialty manufacturer $10 million in replacement products for disgruntled customers
– How a reviled software giant is seeing a new public image ofopenness develop thanks to thousands of active employee blogs
– What an outspoken NBA owner does with his blog to connect to team fans
– What employers and employees should know about hiring and firing due to blogging and a code of ethics for blogging